As any visitor to Sweden will attest to, the Scandinavian country is one of the most criminally underrated tourist destinations in the world. Not only are cities of Stockholm, Goteborg and Upsala clean, green and home to some fascinating and iconic regional architecture, but the country is full of cultural idiosyncrasies that make Sweden what it is. 

In this post, we will take you through a list of things that any visitor to Sweden simply must try if they want to be able to wear your “I Love Sweden” tee with any sense of legitimacy. Read on to find out more!

1. Celebrate Midsummer

Sweden’s northern latitude means that the seasonal differences between the summer and winter are extreme. When you consider that Swedes living in Stockholm are accustomed to just five and a half hours of light in the depths of winter, it is no wonder that Midsummer is celebrated in a big way here. In June, the sun does not set at all in the north of the country, and the whole country celebrates the summer solstice with wild celebrations. Do not let the movie Midsommar scare you off – it is fun, we promise!

2. Try Snus

As you walk around the streets of Stockholm, you may notice that a) not that many people smoke tobacco, and b) many people exhibit a small yet curious bulge on their upper lips. Before you get alarmed, you should know that there is a simple explanation for this: snus! Snus is a form of tobacco that comes in discreet nicotine pouches which are designed to release nicotine slowly when they are placed under the top lip. Try some out when you get there!

3. Eat Some Traditional Swedish Dishes

If you have never been to Sweden, it is most likely that you have never tried Swedish food before – unless you are a serious foodie, that is! We have no idea why Swedish food is not more popular than it is in other countries. There are some incredibly tasty dishes, including sill, smörgåsbord, renskav, köttbullar, kalops, toast Skagen, and raggmunk that you should definitely try at all costs.

4. Have a Real Swedish Sauna

There are saunas in every country around the world, but let us be honest – there really is nothing like the real thing. In Sweden, the sauna is an institution. The tradition that most know and love involves a quick burst of skinny-dipping in an icy lake before and after sweating it out in the pine-smelling confines of a sauna. Not only is this a lot of fun to do, but it also has some distinct health benefits that will have you feeling a million dollars when you come out!

So, there you have it – our definitive list of the four things that any tourist to Sweden simply must try. As you will see when you get there, Sweden is a land that is full of surprises and peculiarities. Make sure to make the most of them to get the authentic Swedish experience!