On a scale of 1 to 10, how safe a driver would you claim yourself to be?

Driving safety is important for a wide variety of reasons.

That being the case, is it time you put some more effort into being a safer driver?

Don’t Be the Next Auto Accident Statistic

In doing all you can to be the safest driver out there, here are three keys that deserve your attention:

1. Obeying the rules of the road – It goes without saying that you need to do a good job of obeying the rules of the road. Failing to do this can lead you right into an auto accident. Know things like local speed limits, right of ways, how to handle driving in bad weather and so on. You also want to avoid getting into a road rage incident. It only takes one of these to change your life and not for the better. If someone is not driving safe around you, do your best to steer clear of them. Take down any important info and report them to authorities when you can safely do so. Last, don’t drive when you are tired. Also especially avoid driving when you have been having alcoholic beverages. Even one such drink could impair your abilities to navigate the road.

2. How safe is the vehicle you operate? – Also make it a point to have a safe vehicle with which to get around in. Being in a vehicle not fit for the road can increase the chances of an accident. In the event you are looking to get another auto, do your research. See what makes and models get the best safety ratings. If leaning to a used vehicle, taking time to research what is out there takes on even more importance. If in California, you can always get online and conduct a California license plate lookup. That lookup could lead you to find out more key details on a vehicle of interest. Used vehicles have potential accidents and recalls in their histories. As so, it is important you know what they are if the vehicle/s has some interest for you. Finally, make sure you do regular maintenance on any vehicle you think of buying. This will keep it better fit and lessen the chances it will break down on you or make it more so for an accident.

3. Know when it is time to get off the road – Last, it is often not easy for someone to admit they should no longer be driving. That said will you know when that day comes? If you are lucky, you will live a long and fruitful life. Even with that scenario, you want to know when it is time to turn in your driver’s license. Not knowing when to and pushing the limits can increase the odds of you getting into a serious accident. Not only could you be hurt, others could also suffer due to this desire to keep driving.

So, do you feel good about how you drive, what you drive and when it is time to turn the wheel over to someone?