Around 20 million Americans are currently in recovery, which shows that struggling with addiction is more common than you think.

Celebrating your recovery is essential for keeping you on track and boosting your confidence. But, if you’re stumped for ideas, it’s difficult knowing how to celebrate. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to celebrate recovery and are searching for a dash of inspiration.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 ways to celebrate recovery.

1. Go Shopping

One of the best ways to celebrate addiction recovery is by hitting the mall. You can treat yourself to a new outfit or even AA jewelry as it’s a reminder of how far you’ve come. If you’re interested, check out where you can shop for AA jewelry in your area.

2. Host a Sober Party

Anyone on their AA recovery journey can still celebrate with a party as long as it’s dry.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed hosting a huge bash; simply invite your closest friends over to celebrate your big day. As you send out invites, remind everyone that it’s a sober party, so they only bring non-alcoholic beverages. You should also focus on bonding activities like board games or even create a theme where guests can dress up and have fun.

If you want a low-key event, host a movie marathon where you watch Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can even transform your living room into a home theater by projecting the movie onto the wall and making sure there’s a steady stream of popcorn. And don’t forget to hand out movie tickets to commemorate the big night.

3. Go Camping

Another great option for those in recovery is going camping. Head to your local national park or explore a far-flung part of the country. Spending time in nature is fantastic for your mental well-being and helps you healthily celebrate recovery.

Or, if that doesn’t interest you, hit the slopes, where you can sneak in exercise while enjoying the incredible scenery.

4. Arrange a Weekend Away

Whether you’re a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, schedule a weekend away with loved ones. It could be visiting a city you’ve been dying to visit or spending time with your family in another state. Whatever you do, make sure you take time away from the “real world” and fully unwind.

5. Write a Letter to Yourself

Anyone who has attended Alcoholics Anonymous understands the power of reflecting. You can do this by writing a letter to yourself where you discuss how much you’ve overcome challenges and grown as a person. Be honest about the good and bad so that you can always read it back when you’re having a bad day.

If you enjoy reflecting regularly, gift yourself a journal. This is a great way of regulating your emotions and writing anything that you’re currently struggling with.

6. Take a Class

Always wanted to learn Spanish or pottery? Then, book a class where you can develop your skill set.

Or, if you’re not a fan of attending classes, try a new activity that intrigues you. Spend the afternoon learning to surf or arrange to go skydiving on your recovery anniversary. Carving out time for trying new things is a great reminder of how fantastic being sober is.

7. Enjoy a Spa Day

Pamper yourself and your loved ones by scheduling a spa day. This is the go-to option for people who don’t want to have a massive celebration and become the center of attention. Unwind with a relaxing massage or a body treatment where you can enjoy valuable “me-time”.

You can also go the extra mile by spending the weekend at a wellness retreat. The beauty is you can meet new people while relaxing with meditation and yoga.

8. Find a Peer Support Group

Not every sober anniversary is the same, and sometimes you may find it difficult. If you’re struggling, find a local peer support group where you’re surrounded by like-minded people. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel about being sober and sticking to your recovery.

9. Laser Tag

There’s no greater way to celebrate an important milestone than with laser tag. Invite a group of friends to celebrate and bond with one another. A bonus is that you’ll leave with your adrenaline pumping, which will help fight off cravings.

10. Give Back to Your Community

An underrated way to celebrate your sobriety birthday is by giving back to your community. You likely spend a large chunk of time improving yourself, so take this energy by helping a cause you’re passionate about. It could be volunteering at a soup kitchen or reaching out to anyone you know who is struggling.

If you’ve been in recovery for an extended period, consider becoming a mentor to someone who has recently started the program. You can share your experience and valuable insight into how to thrive in recovery, which will leave a lasting impression on your new mentee.

You could even treat your loved ones to dinner or a gift, especially if they’ve been with you from day one. This could be anyone, whether it’s your best pal or sibling.

Learn How to Celebrate Recovery Today

Hopefully, you’ll use these tips to help you celebrate recovery with loved ones.

There are many awesome ideas to try out, such as doing laser tag with your closest friends or inviting everyone over for a movie night. You should also treat yourself to a special gift or attend a wellness retreat where you can unwind in bliss. Happy celebrating!

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