Acing every exam requires dedication, commitment, and consistency, especially if you aim to pass the CMA exam on your first attempt. You need to commit yourself to endless diligence and steadiness. You must avail the best academic assistance and draft a proper preparation plan to deliver your best. You cannot afford to be negligent at any point during the preparation process if you want to ensure success. We will talk about some tips and tricks you can adopt when you make up your mind to appear for the CMA exam and make it through on your first attempt.

1. Buy the Best Review Course

Making through the CMA exam would certainly require you to purchase a review course. You can select from a wide range of review course options available online. These review courses allow you to cover all the course contents under the academic supervision of credible instructors and professors. Moreover, you can also benefit from the study material and practice tests offered by such review courses. Practice tests boost your confidence and prepare you to sit for the actual exam without any confusion or nervousness. Choosing the best review course will have a great impact on your preparation and can increase the likelihood of your success on the first attempt. Wiley CMA offers one of the best review courses with mentoring from accredited professors, a wide range of practice tests, video lectures, and much more. You can further research other available options and make the best choice for yourself.

2. Follow a Timetable

Discipline is the key to unlocking your success. If you want to succeed, make a proper schedule and devote an appropriate amount of time to your studies regularly. If you do not follow a proper timetable, you will likely fall for other distractions that keep you from achieving your goal. Achieving self-discipline is the first step to beginning with your preparation. Provide yourself with deadlines and strive hard to meet them.

3. Know Your Learning Style

A significant tip to ensure the best preparation is to develop a thorough understanding of your learning needs and your learning style. There are different types of learners: visual learners, auditory learners, and tactile learners. Visual learners learn best through reading since they have a good photographic memory. If you are a visual learner, go for reading study material and textbooks to retain the most of what you learn. On the other hand, if you are capable of retaining more knowledge by listening to audio or video lectures, you are an auditory learner, and you should plan your preparation accordingly. Tactile learners learn best by active participation in discussion or physical involvement in the tasks that offer an understanding of the course contents. So, it is important to be mindful of your learning needs to fulfill them and make the most out of your preparation.

4. Create an Environment that is Conducive to Learning

You need to create an environment that is conducive to learning. It will help you stay focused and committed. Select a study spot for yourself that is free from all sorts of distractions. Turn your mobile phone off and ensure you do not waste any time scrolling on social media applications while studying. A distraction-free environment maximizes your ability to focus and increases your capacity to learn and retain new knowledge.

5. Determine the CMA Exam Part You Want to Take First

CMA exam is taken in two parts. You have to select the part that you want to take first. If you succeed in the first part, you can appear in the second part with a lot more self-confidence. Go through the course contents thoroughly and determine the easier part of the two. Select to appear in the easier part first so that once you pass it, you will be more confident to take the next part with an increased probability of success. On the contrary, if you do not succeed in the first part, you will be demotivated and lose confidence in your abilities.

6. Find Yourself a Study Partner

Finding yourself a study partner who keeps you motivated is an effective strategy to crack the CMA exam. Devoting long hours to study can sometimes be frustrating and make you feel isolated. If you have a study partner, you will not sympathize with yourself as the only person striving hard to achieve their goals. Studying with a partner also creates a sense of responsibility and competition that will definitely improve your study outcomes.

7. Get Yourself Sufficient Breaks While Studying

The human mind needs relaxation every now and then. You’re mistaken if you think you can study for hours without giving yourself a break. Do not strain your mind; otherwise, it will negatively impact your brain efficiency. After studying for twenty to thirty minutes, give yourself a break to revitalize your energy.

8. Take Mock Tests

Taking mock tests will enable you to kick away the exam fear. Many people cannot perform their best on exam day due to the stress and fear of taking the exam. Appearing in mock tests will enable you to experience and beat off this fear. By the time you sit for the actual exam, you will be confident enough to give your best.

9. Cut Short Your Priority List

While preparing for the CMA exam, you need to cut short your priority list, and your exam preparation should be placed at the top of this list. Downsizing your priorities will help you devote maximum time to your studies.

10. Take Good Care of Your Health

You must prioritize your physical as well as psychological well-being. Eat a balanced diet, take all essential nutrients and vitamins, and stay away from everything that threatens your peace of mind. Your brain will only efficiently work if you are in a good physical and psychological state.


Consistent effort, determination, smart work, and the right academic choices are the prerequisites to success in the CMA exam. If you effectively follow all the tips discussed in this article, you are more likely to ace the CMA exam on your first attempt.