You love your home, but the windows are starting to look pretty bad and your electricity bill has gotten way out of control! Do you even know how old your windows are?

If you have older windows, investing in replacement windows can save you buckets of money over time. Recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies say that the average American household can save from $126 up to $465 a year by replacing their old single-pane windows with EnergyStar rated windows.

So, how can you tell when to replace windows and when not to?

We put together a quick guide with 9 surefire signs that you need to replace your windows. Keep reading to learn the warning signs of older windows in need of replacement.

9 Signs to Know When to Replace Windows

If you weren’t the one who put in the last windows, it’s hard to know how old they are. When you start seeing any of these warning signs, you should start looking for a window company.

1. Hard to Open or Close

Have you noticed that the window takes a good deal of effort to open or close? A buildup of dust and debris in your window casing keeps the window from sliding up and down the way the manufacturer intended.

You might try to clean out the window a bit and see if that helps. If the problem has gotten too bad though, you’ll need to replace the window altogether.

2. Wear and Tear

We try to take care of our windows, but things happen and time takes its toll no matter what you do! Scratches, sun staining, calcification, and even cracks show the age of your windows much like wrinkles give away your age.

If your windows have started to look old and damaged, it’s time to get replacements.

3. Harder to Clean Than They Should Be

Back in the old days, people needed to take the whole window out of the frame so you could do a thorough cleaning. Needless to say, most people neglected to do this and the old windows got dirtier day by day.

Newer windows are much easier to clean and you won’t need to take them out of their frames. Do yourself a favor, and replace those hard to clean windows with a newer, easier version.

4. Outside Noises Are Loud

If you can hear the sounds from outside as clear as if they were inside your home, those windows are doing a poor job of insulating your home. Bad insulation quality lets in more than sound though. If sounds are coming into your home, your air conditioning is going out, which makes your energy bills higher than they should be!

5. They’ve Gotten Drafty

Have you ever walked past your window and felt a cool chill? As windows age, they don’t seal as well and begin to let those cold drafts into your home!

Not only is this bad for your energy bill, but inconsistent temperatures in your home could make you and your family sick! If you notice your windows are letting in drafts, make the switch to some new energy-efficient windows.

6. Energy Bills Creeping Up

As we mentioned before, older windows are less energy efficient than the new ones. Even when they were in peak condition, older windows never sealed as well as the ones you can find now!

If you want to lower your energy bills, a good investment to make is replacing your windows with EnergyStar rated windows.

7. Outdated Look

So it’s not the most crucial of reasons to replace your old windows, but it’s not a bad reason to do it either! If the look of your old fashioned windows drives you nuts, replace them with some that you do like.

8. Hard to Lock

You finally got the window closed, but now you cant engage the lock! Older windows shift in their frames over the years and become misaligned. The best thing to do with old misaligned windows is to get rid of them ASAP!

9. They’re Still Single-Paned

Older windows only came in a single pane option, but these days people prefer the double-paned version. Double-paned windows save you a ton on heating and cooling as well as sound-dampening qualities.

Yes, replacing your old windows with double-paned ones is not cheap, but it’s worth it in the long run, we promise!

Types of Window Replacements

Once you decide that your old windows need to go, how do you know what kind of windows to replace them with? Here are the most common kinds of windows you’ll find on the market these days.


Both durable and cheap, these are a great budget option for replacing your windows. They don’t do much for insulation though, so they aren’t energy efficient at all.


Composite windows are a combination of aluminum (or vinyl) and wood construction. These windows are super stylish and very energy efficient, but they’re also expensive.


These are the most durable option for replacement windows and you can paint the frames any color you want! They need a little bit of maintenance from time to time, but they’ll last a long time.


Super affordable and easy to care for, vinyl windows are the most common choice when people replace the windows in their homes. Check out Zen Windows Nashville for some of the best vinyl windows and top-notch customer service available!


Wood windows give a stunning old-world charm to your home and they do well with insulating your home. They need lots of maintenance to keep them looking nice, so be aware of that if you choose wooden windows.

Make Your Home the Pinnacle of Perfection With New Windows

There’s no simple answer to knowing when to replace windows, but these indicators should give you a good idea of when it’s time to call in the window guys. The good news is that whatever you replace your old windows with, they’re sure to save you some money on your energy bills!

Another benefit of replacing your windows is that you can pick the look of the windows you have put in. Why not put in super stylish windows and make your home the pinnacle of perfection!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about when to replace your home’s windows. If you are looking for more luxurious real estate and design ideas, check out the rest of our blogs today!