The internet’s expansion made so many exciting and entertaining things possible. From finding any information you need in an instant to playing games, listening to music, and buying top gift cards, the internet is truly a remarkable place.

Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, and people are looking for the best gifts for their closest friends. If you’re in the same sauce and have a gamer friend, Gamers Greeting can help. 

Any gamer will appreciate a magnificent gift, such as a gaming platform gift card that allows them to get their favorite games in the most convenient and timely manner. With all this in mind, let’s delve deeper into the top 4 gaming platform gift cards on Gamers Greeting.

1. Steam Wallet Gift Card

Launched in 2003 by Valve, Steam is probably the best gaming platform of them all. It gathers millions of users and offers an array of useful features. More importantly, Steam is always ahead of other gaming platforms.

Gamer Greeting offers a Steam Wallet gift card that gives the user access to a huge video game collection, Steam workshop, top discounts and sales, a huge library of game sharing, and a chance to become a member of one of the largest gaming communities on the internet.

If you have family or friends that use Steam, this gift card is probably the best gift you can give them. Aside from enabling recipients to buy one or multiple games from the Steam gaming platform, the card also provides access to thousands of different games. 

All the most popular games are here, including the lesser-known ones. The card is user-friendly and allows the user to delve deeper into many different genres while providing access across all devices, including mobile, Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

2. Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Whether you’re having a birthday party or planning on giving perfect gifts for the holidays, it doesn’t get any better than a Nintendo eShop gift card. It comes in four different available values to appeal to every budget, and the card provides many great benefits and advantages. 

Aside from allowing the recipient to immerse themselves in the world of Nintendo characters, this card also provides access to more than 1000 Nintendo games. Use the card to connect remotely with other Nintendo fans, find the best deals, get outstanding discounts, and so much more. 

Top up your credits offline and online via PayPal, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Amazon, or 7-Eleven. Earn Nintendo points that you can exchange for worthy rewards or use in the Nintendo eShop. To make things even more interesting, Nintendo Switch has some great news for next Summer. Find out more about it on Gamers Greeting.

3. PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card

This is where things get a little more serious. PlayStation has a huge fan base. These are loyal gamers who know their gaming platform better than anyone and are well into all the benefits it has to offer. If you have a PlayStation fan in your life, the PlayStation Network PSN gift card from Gamers Greeting seems like the best gift possible. 

The card allows the recipient to add more funds to their virtual wallet and tap into a vast game library with all the top names from the gaming world. Then, there’s also access to the most impressive PlayStation Store. 

New games are being updated on the regular with the best titles like Witcher, Uncharted, etc. There’s no better way to make a gamer happy than by buying a PSN Card. Available now at Gamers Greeting.

4. Xbox Live Gift Card

There is no conversation about gaming without giving Xbox an honorable shoutout. Gamers Greeting gives you a unique opportunity to purchase one of the most wanted gaming platform gift cards in the gaming world – the almighty Xbox Live gift card. 

This card is every gamer’s dream come true. It can be redeemed on Xbox and Windows and at Microsoft’s online store. Since gamers are very picky about their gaming choices, they need something exceptional to benefit their efforts. 

This card is the perfect tool for unlocking the gaming world of magic. Aside from the incredible fact that this card never expires, it can also be used to purchase tons of useful items, devices, applications, video games, TV shows, movies, and more. There’s no better gift in a gamer’s eyes than a gift card for Xbox Live that allows them to choose their fun.

Final Thoughts

Now, since you have all the necessary knowledge on how to proceed with your gift-giving practice, use these recommendations to put a smile on the face of your favorite gamer. These gift cards can be used for many different things besides purchasing games, so make sure they are worth your gamer’s while. Head over to Gamers Greeting to get the best discounts and other worthy rewards.