Buying a car is always exciting. Whether it’s new or second-hand, it’s often a milestone purchase for young drivers. Owning a car has several advantages. It can help you become independent, offer you a sense of freedom, and make chores more convenient. Even as an adult, a new car is an amazing acquisition. However, it can also become a financial burden.

Even if you got a great deal, everything from fuel to new tires could add to car-related expenses. Additionally, there’s the cost of auto insurance. Although a perfect driving record can lower your premium payments, it’s still an expense. There are ways to ensure your financial strength remains unaffected. Read on to see how to save thousands on owning and running a car.

Make smart decisions from the start.

Do you need a brand new car? Even with the best deal, it will still cost thousands of dollars. And (unless you own a vintage car), you will never regain the money since the value depreciates quickly. Instead, consider buying a second-hand car. The best way to find one is in an online car auction.

Online auctions are an excellent way for buyers to bid on items. You can buy everything from a motorcycle to a kitchen island. You can find your dream car for a low price — all you have to worry about is whether someone has a better bid offer. For teen drivers or low-income families, an online car auction can help you get a better car than if you bought a new one.

Online vehicle auctions are not all created equal, so make sure you log on to the right place. Research to see whether the sellers are trustworthy and the cars are well-maintained. Find out about financing and shipping options. Before you bid on a vehicle, ensure it’s well-maintained, and find out if its original work is still in good shape. Shop around auto auctions and the auto auction mall you want to get the best deal.

Focus on maintaining financial strength.

Maintenance costs aside, there are other ways cars can drain your finances. Remember, proper insurance coverage is an excellent way to avoid this. Just like life insurance, auto insurance coverage is essential. If it’s cheap car insurance, it can further reduce the costs of owning a car.

A car insurance company can help, but it’s a good idea to explore your options. Top insurance companies can often have high auto insurance rates. And, they can sneak unnecessary policies and costs into the car insurance quote. Before you buy auto insurance of any kind, check that it covers a few basics. Find out if you get quality coverage for bodily injury and property damage. Ask about your options after at-fault accidents. Talk about car insurance premiums, privacy policy, and comprehensive coverage options. Ask whether the insurance policy is valid if immediate family members drive your car.

Don’t limit your search between the car insurance companies that you know. You can get a great deal on auto insurance online. You could enjoy more affordable rates to lower car insurance costs. Remember, cheap car insurance doesn’t have to mean inadequate car insurance. Comparing your car insurance with iSelect is an easy way to ensure you get the best car insurance at the most affordable rate.

Save while you drive.

With the perfect driving record and good credit score, you can save on car insurance. However, what about fuel costs and car maintenance? Customer service for new cars can seem convenient. However, the free consultations and warranties run out before you know it. Before you buy a vehicle, consider how much each oil change and tire fix will cost you. It helps, of course, to learn how to do some of these things yourself.

Some maintenance costs are unavoidable. Even if you can do the tune-ups and oil changes yourself, you may need occasional repairs by the pros. Research repair shops to make sure you get the most affordable rate. Additionally, make sure the car you buy has good mileage so you can save while you drive. Remember to check things like the tire pressure, the air filter, and coolant to avoid any issues.

Consider rent and carpool options.

If you’re trying to repay a car loan, consider renting your car out for a while. You can earn a pretty penny, even if you rent it out for a few hours a day. Of course, make sure you check with your insurance company before you let a stranger drive your car. Also, consider carpool options. Carpool participants can help you pay for things like fuel. Besides, it’s good for the environment too.

Offer to drive children to school or pick up and drop items within your zip code. Just a few of these services will help you earn money to repay your loan quicker. It can help you save on interest rates, which increase the longer you take to make payments. Eventually, this can save you thousands of dollars.