Using different strategies to grab the attention of attendees will help your booth stand out from the crowd. These ideas will engage the senses of your audience and make them remember your brand. Use a wall of pockets, squares, or buttons that either make a noise, trigger a quiz, or give away a discount code to attendees.

Bring the Outdoors In

The organic word of mouth and trust a well-designed trade show booth from can generate for a business is hard to replicate. And while the initial investment of a new custom trade show booth can be significant, the ROI will likely dwarf it. The best booth setup and location depends on the specific goals and nature of the trade show.

Make Attendees Assume Something

Boring trade show booths don’t attract visitors and don’t help sales. Exhibitors who want to attract their ideal demographic must create a visual experience that evokes an emotion and connects with them. Creating an environment that speaks to luxury and refinement works well for high-end products and services. With the help of Infinity Exhibits, the environment they’ll create ensures attendees self-select whether they’re a good fit before spending time with your sales team. Handing out swag can be an easy way to attract visitors to your booth. Having attendees put their unique stamp on swag decreases the likelihood of it ending in the trash.

Create a Fun Photo Opportunity

Adding a fun photo opportunity to your booth can draw attendees in and keep them there. Create a branded backdrop or cut-out and let people pose with it. Then, please encourage them to share their photos digitally. Branding on these photos ensures that your company gets exposure from the people visiting your booth. A booth mascot can instantly draw in visitors. It can also serve as a way to identify your booth from afar.

Create a Unique Environment

Make your booth stand out from the crowd by creating an environment that reflects your brand’s story or mission. Whether you set up a mini campground or beach on the trade show floor, this unique environment will draw attendees in and help them connect with your brand on a deeper level. Hanging displays on the booth ceiling is another way to grab attendees’ attention. These can be classic banners that connect to create a shape or custom artwork branded with your logo. Using lighting effects can also help attract attendees’ eyes from afar.

Create a Wacky Illusion

You can’t bring a water slide into a trade show booth, but you can create an illusion that gives the impression of one. This type of booth design is a great way to grab the attention of attendees walking past. It also encourages them to come back and check it out when they’re not busy with other booth visits. Plus, it will stick in their minds and become a part of their brand experience with your company. Another way to draw attention is using branded flooring to lead visitors into your booth. It’s a unique way to get noticed and is more eye-catching than a simple table or sign.

Make It Accessible

Attendees can only stay at your booth for a while, so you must give them something to take. Handing out brochures and samples is one way, but you can also get creative. For example, running a demo or offering an interactive experience keeps attendees engaged and gives them something to remember you by. Rather than just handing out regular swag like pens or mugs, create unique items with your branding that will be more exciting and less likely to end up in the trash. You can even bring a screen printer on-site to print items for attendees to customize.

Invite Storytelling

As people walk by your booth, have a team member engage them with a straightforward question and ask for their feedback. Getting fast and accurate information from attendees who may need more time or focus is easy. Use unique shelving to showcase your products in a creative way that will call attention. Get shelves in unusual shapes, create DIY projects that tie into your brand, or find other ways to make them far from ordinary. Present promotional merchandise to patrons and urge them to post about their experiences at your booth on social media. Some great examples include branded hats, tote bags, custom coolers, and shirts.