How many Americans want to lose weight? According to a 2018 survey by the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly half of the country hoped to slim down.

Perhaps you’re one of them now. As you realize, it’s not an easy road to lose weight. It takes time and energy, and it can discourage you when a hard effort doesn’t equal results.

So, you want to forego the slow, arduous journey you’re on now in favor of a quicker method. Do you want to know how to get slim fast? Here are five scientifically supported ways to do so:

1. Be Mindful of the Present

Keeping your mind in the present can help you shed pounds, according to a 2015 Brown University study.

The research team asked roughly 400 people to complete a mindfulness survey first. Then, they performed X-rays of participants’ bellies to see how much fat they carried there.

Those who scored higher on the mindfulness study had less fat on their stomachs — a sizeable amount less. On average, those without a mindfulness practice had one pound more of fat around their waistlines.

So, kick off a mindfulness practice by meditating, for instance. Soon enough, your thoughtful hobby will have you cutting weight.

2. Choose Food Over the Gym

We’re not suggesting that you eat whatever you want and forego exercise.

Instead, you can slim down faster by remembering that your diet’s much more essential to your weight-loss plan than exercising. A workout routine can’t give you results without healthy nutrition to back it up.

Perhaps you’re paying for a gym membership and having trouble affording nutritious groceries. Now, you know where to put your cash. You’ll probably see results faster this way, so it’s worth making the switch.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

On that note, you should make proper hydration a focus of your plan to slim down, too. You’ll find this on many lists touting weight-loss rules, and for good reason.

A 2016 study found that water intake had direct links to a person’s diet. They ate less sugar, salt and cholesterol than those who didn’t drink enough H2O. Plus, they felt more energized and satisfied, thus staving off the urge to over-eat.

Some evidence has shown that water intake can stoke the metabolism, too. So,  you’re wondering how to slim down the easy way, then be sure to drink enough water each day.

4. Sleep Enough Every Night

Your body needs time to rest and re-energize — and that’s just one reason why sleep is vital to your well-being.

Adults should get 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye every night, says the National Sleep Foundation. Without enough time in bed, though, you’ll feel sluggish. And that might push you to reach for high-calorie foods to re-stock your energy supply.

The trouble is, that burst of food-derived energy could lead you to gain weight, too. So, sleep enough to balance your cravings and slim down your silhouette.

5. Learn How to Get Slim Fast Through Surgery

It’s not for everyone, but a medical procedure can help you to lose weight extremely quickly. That’s even in comparison to the above tried-and-true tips.

Start by perusing the Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Surgery, which will tell you all the essential information you need to know. Then, consult with a physician to see if you’re a candidate for such a procedure.

Of course, surgery will incur downtime, but you’ll start seeing results right away. If you can handle operation and recovery, then you might consider this option for fast weight loss.

Be the Best You

At the end of the day, what matters is that you feel confident and happy in your body. If slimming down will enhance those feelings, then you should give the above tips a try.

As you do so, don’t forget to check back with us on how to get slim fast and more. Our Health & Fitness section can further your quest to become the best version of yourself in 2020 and beyond.