There are countless benefits of having chickens as pets.

They lay eggs that you can eat or sell at the farmer’s market, they help clean your backyard, they eat insects, their manure makes for great fertilizer, and the list goes on.

If you’ve been thinking about getting some chickens, you’re probably:

a) Convinced after reading about all the benefits,


b) Wondering how exactly you care for chickens.

Keep reading to learn the answer!

Do Your Research Before Getting the Chickens

There’s some homework you need to do before you actually get your new pets.

Firstly, check your local government website and go over their regulations about owning this type of animals.

Then, decide how old you want the chickens to be according to what you need from them (eggs, meat, company, etc).

Finally, make sure the chickens you’re going to get are vaccinated.

Make Sure You Have Enough Outdoor Space

Chickens need space in order to be happy.

Make sure you have at least ten square foot for the coop, as well as outdoor space where the chickens can move around freely.

Learn What Chickens Eat

Understading how much feed your chickens need, as well as what they can and cannot eat is crucial to keep them healthy.

Although they’ll eat pretty much anything you give them, our suggestion is that you stick to high-quality chicken feed, poultry, and your own kitchen scraps.

Oh, and don’t forget to make sure they always have fresh water to drink!

Collect the Eggs Daily

If you want chickens specifically for egg production, collecting eggs will have to become a daily habit.

This will ensure that they’re as clean and fresh as possible, and that there is little waste as possible.

Groom Your Chickens Regularly

Yes, chickens need grooming, and they need it regularly.

Make sure to check for skin parasites every once in a while, to give them baths (just like you would with any other pet), and to cut their nails when they start to get too long.

Sanitize the Waterers Monthly

Your chicken’s waterers will naturally get dirty over time, and it’s crucial that you deep clean them with bleach and dish soap every month.

This way, you can ensure that your chickens aren’t drinking dirty water that can affect their health.

Deep Clean the Coop Once a Year

Lastly, once or twice a year, it’s good to deep clean your chickens’ coop, once again, using blean.

When you do this, remember to take everything from the coop, so you can really clean every single corner of their little house.

How to Care For Chickens: Now You Know

Having chickens in your backyard isn’t only a great hobby, but also the best way of getting organic, sustainable eggs.

So, if you have the space, why not?

If you enjoyed learning how to care for chickens, and want to read more articles like this, make sure to keep exploring our blog!