There are approximately 4,848 auto transport businesses in the United States. In fact, many car owners use these services to transport their vehicles across the country for various reasons.

However, finding a reputable auto shipping service can be difficult with the many options available.

Hiring a reliable company will ensure your care is safe and transport is done efficiently no matter how far the distance is.

Continue reading to learn how to pick the best auto shipping company today!


Once you decide you’re interested in shipping a car cross country, you must find the companies available for hire. Remember, some transportation companies only haul commercially, meaning they are not for public hire.

Start by making a list of the companies you’re interested in. Be sure to list their location and availability. Doing so will prepare you to compare these companies to choose the one that best meets your needs.

After you list your options, you can further investigate each company. A deeper look into these services will give you a baseline to make your final decision.


One of the best ways to get more information on a company is to look up its online reviews. These reviews will help you understand how they conduct business and treat their customers. You’ll also be able to see an overall rating of their services.

Always consider positive and negative comments carefully. It’s also a good idea to read over 20 reviews to get various opinions from previous customers.

After reading these reviews, you can narrow your choices by picking a few of the top-rated companies. Doing so will ensure you hire a reliable company no matter what.


References are another great way to narrow your options further. You’ll need to contact each company you’re interested in and ask for a reference list. This list should have the contact information of a few of their previous clients.

However, some companies may refuse to offer this information. This refusal could be concerning, and you may want to consider other options.

Call or message these clients and explain your interest in the auto transport company. Before asking questions, ask if they would be willing to give their opinion. Politely thank them for their time, no matter their answer.

You can then ask them any questions you may be curious about if they agree to help. Always ask about their overall experience and if they would recommend the shipping service. You can also ask about any tips they may have for shipping a car should you need advice.


Your vehicle is likely one of your most expensive investments. Therefore, its value must be kept throughout the transport. To ensure it is adequately taken care of, you must research each company’s experience level.

Remember, shipping a car is a complicated job that requires precision, attention, and safety. These job characteristics will require expertise from an experienced company.

Usually, more experienced transporters are the better option. They have likely mastered each step of transportation and are efficient.

However, younger companies may not be a horrible option to consider. These companies often offer lower prices to earn your business.


Pricing is another essential factor to consider when hiring a transport service. Start by setting a realistic budget for your vehicle’s shipping. Doing so will help you keep from overspending and save money for other priorities.

Start by contacting each company and asking for their pricing. They will often give you a free quote based on your vehicle’s size, transport distance, and towing preference.

You can compare prices between companies to ensure you find a price that meets your needs. Some companies also offer price matching and competitive rates for your benefit.

Carrier Options

When comparing companies, you must also consider how you want your vehicle to be towed. Remember, some companies only have a few towing options, while others have many. Transport options often include:

  • Enclosed trailer
  • Open trailer
  • Multi-car trailer
  • Luxury towing

The cheapest option is usually the open carrier option. However, your vehicle will be exposed to the weather the entire distance.

Luxury and enclosed towing provide a higher level of care. Your vehicle will also be protected from weather, wind, and road debris.

Distance Allowed

Transportation companies have different policies depending on their capabilities. Distance is a varying factor among these companies. Some companies will travel whatever distance, while others have distance caps they will not exceed.

To avoid complications, you will need to research each company’s distance regulations before hiring. You may also have to pay more for further distances, as these companies usually charge per mile.


Another critical factor to consider is if the company you hire has insurance policies. These policies will protect you and your vehicle in an accident. The transport company will be responsible for accidents, repairs, or compensation if they are at fault.

Motor Carrier Number

Another way to ensure the company you hire is a legitimate company is if they have a valid motor carrier number. The Department of Transportation provides these numbers to verified transport companies.

These numbers are assigned to regulate the industry and to limit fraudulent companies. Always ask for proof of the number before agreeing. Failure to provide this number is a good sign you’re dealing with an unlicensed company.

Choosing the Best Auto Shipping Company

This guide to choosing the best auto shipping company will ensure you hire a reliable company to transport your vehicle. Don’t forget to always check each company’s reviews and motor carrier number beforehand.

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