When it comes to your house, you curate a space that reflects your interests, passions, and style. You’re proud of your custom home, but there’s one detail you still do not love.

Your custom kitchen design.

A beautiful kitchen is the heart of your home. It holds your favorite place to cook, entertain guests, and model your cooking skills. A kitchen design is a curated, updated, and loved space.

But, you don’t love your custom kitchen. You start to imagine and design it how you want it to be. You begin to research the custom kitchen ideas you have in mind but need help figuring out where to start.

Follow this guide on creating a custom kitchen design you love.

Take Measurements for a Successful Custom Design

Taking measurements is an essential part of designing a unique kitchen that works. Size is necessary to ensure accuracy when ordering cabinetry, appliances, and countertops.

Measure the walls, counter space, sink, and cooktop/stove area. Also, measure the refrigerator and determine where the oven will be located. Double-check your measurements because any mistakes can cost a lot of money.

Take into account any awkward areas or changes in the level of the floor. If access to the kitchen is through a door frame, measure the door frame out to the appliance. Consider how much open space you need and the exact layout of your kitchen. You can start creating the perfect custom kitchen design with the correct measurements!

Use Color and Finishes

Color and finishes make all the difference when creating the perfect custom kitchen design. Start by selecting a color palette that fits your style. Try to match the wall and cabinet colors and the countertop and backsplash materials.

Choose a vibrant color for the flooring to bring your design to life. Choose a mix of light and dark finishes for the cabinets to add dimension. If selecting natural hardwood, reclaimed materials, or stone for the countertops, look for accent pieces that will bring out the unique features of the materials and add texture.

Mix metal and wood finishes for hardware, appliances, and accessories—Lastly, use lighting to create an inviting atmosphere and bring out the kitchen’s natural beauty.

Incorporate Storage Solutions

The perfect custom kitchen design should always consider storage solutions as a priority. Store items within arm’s reach near the oven, stove, and refrigerator to create a convenient and efficient workflow within your kitchen. 

Place pullout drawers that extend deep within cabinets to maximize space and accessibility. Secondly, focus on the function of your cabinets – utilize peg wall records or canisters that fit drawers with dividers to house items of different sizes. Add lazy Susan’s and oak shelves to access items in the back of base or corner wall cabinets. Accessorize with cutlery trays, knives, and separate drawers to house smaller items.

Design Your Custom Kitchen

Creating the perfect custom kitchen design can be achieved with a few helpful tips. The ideal kitchen will soon come to life with proper planning of layout, ample storage, and unique features.

Enlist help from an experienced professional to ensure your vision and expectations are exceeded. Start your kitchen project today and create a beautiful, functional kitchen you’ll enjoy for years.

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