Sports betting in America has undergone a long back-and-forth journey toward legalization. Now, most states have legalized sports betting, which is great news for football fans.

Betting on football is a great way to increase the intensity of every game. Why watch passively when you can get in on the action?

We know what you’re thinking: is there any way to learn how to bet on football and win? Part of the excitement is that you can never guarantee a win (and you shouldn’t trust someone who says you can), but you can increase your odds.

Read on to learn more about betting on football and winning.

Keep Up With the Experts

It helps to know the sport well but even football novices can start betting on football. How can you increase your odds of winning without knowing much about the teams who are playing? Keep up with the predictions coming from the experts.

We’re not just talking about the sportscasters who announce their predictions before every big game. We’re also talking about the betting experts like this bet explorer. When you start listening to sports betting experts, you can start playing around with odds in a more creative way, rather than just staking it all on who wins or loses.

Keep Clear Records of Your Betting

Start learning from your own triumphs and mistakes. Keep clear records of all of the bets you place and their outcomes. This includes information like:

  • who you bet on and what odds you took
  • how much you bet
  • whether you won or lost
  • who your bookmaker was

If you find that your bad luck seems to stem from working with a particular bookie, change it up. Look for a new bookie and keep trying until you get into a good rhythm.

Stay Impartial

There are two ways to approach sports betting. One way is to only bet on your favorite team, shaping all of your bets around your fandom. If you’re waging money you can afford to lose (think small amounts), there’s nothing wrong with this approach; it’s all in good fun.

If you’re trying to bet on football and win, however, it’s time to stop betting in favor of your favorites every time. No matter how good your team is, they’re not winning every game and chances are, you know who might beat them this season. Stay impartial and listen to the predictions coming out from the pros if you want to win serious money.

Practice to Learn How to Bet on Football and Win

There’s no way to learn how to bet on football and win every single time. With these three tips, however, you can start winning more often and even raise the stakes.

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