Whether you’re a marathon veteran or getting into jogging for the first time, there’s one question all runners have to ask themselves. What should I look for in a running shoe?

Buying a low-quality shoe can have severe consequences. Running in the wrong shoe can cause long-term damage to your body, and even make it so that you have to stop running completely.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this. 

Running shoe reviews use real-world testing, in-store mechanics, and sales numbers to determine the best shoes. By consulting these reviews, you will find out what factors are important when looking for your running shoe.

Length of Runs

When buying a new pair of shoes, experts recommend you identify what you hope to accomplish with them. Someone who wants to run marathons will need a different pair of shoes from the neighborhood jogger or the short distance sprinter.

If you’re a daily jogger, running shoe reviews are recommending the Brooks Ghost 13. It has more cushioning than most other Brooks shoes, meaning that your daily run will be easy on your joints.

Running Surface: Why it Matters

Trail running is drastically different than running on pavement. Why? Concrete has a much higher impact on your joints. 

Dirt or forest floor will absorb a lot of that impact for you. Running shoe reviews are saying that the best shoes for trail running from 2020 are the Salomon Sense Ride 3. This shoe has superb traction in wet or slippery conditions, perfect for hitting the trails.

What Running Shoe Reviews Say About Body-Type

Running shoe reviews will include a lot of details about the structure of the shoe. This is to help you find the shoe that best addresses your body’s needs.

Do you have arched feet or flat feet? How long is your gait? If you are not sure, there are plenty of tests you can conduct yourself at home to find out.


Don’t opt for the cheapest option when it comes to picking out new shoes. A bad running shoe will directly impact your overall health.

Running shoe reviews for 2020 say that you should be able to get a good running shoe for anywhere from $100-$250.

Don’t Forget Aesthetics

And of course, you can’t ignore visual appeal when it comes to picking out your new pair of kicks. New Balance’s 2020 releases introduced a brand new aesthetic to the game. 

Whether you are running on a trail or walking about town, you’ll feel better in a pair of shoes that complement your personal style. If you’re looking for the best sneaker for visual appeal, check out the Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1300CL Capsule. 

Get Your Perfect Running Shoes Today

These days, finding the perfect running shoe can feel a lot like looking for Cinderella’s slipper. But by consulting running shoe reviews, you can easily find out which shoe will work best for you.

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