There are some health issues that you may feel you do not need to have surgery to rectify or that you can put off surgery for. However, it makes sense to at least look into what surgery would be involved as the benefits you will get and the quality of life improvement you receive will generally make any surgery worth it.  

Straightening of the toes

You may feel that getting your toes straightened is of a more cosmetic purpose than a medical one or health issue. However, this is not necessarily true. Toes can become crooked or bent for several reasons. The most common are genetics, ill-fitting shoes, injury, or trauma, but there are many others.

The reasons that they will be required to be straightened are that in the severest cases it may very well affect your balance or your ability to walk, although in milder cases it may be that they are not aesthetically pleasing or that footwear does not fit properly – both of which can still have a detrimental affect on your quality of life. 

With some issues, it is possible to repair the damage to the feet without surgery, but it is always wise to get the opinion of a medical practitioner before seeking home remedies.

Cataract eye surgery

If you suffer from cataracts, then the only way you are going to improve your eyesight and get it back to how it was before your symptoms started is to have surgery in the form of a cataract lens implant. Cataract sufferers have cloudy or blurriness of vision. In cases where cataracts have been left to progress, it is evident to an observer because the pupils of the eyes will have a milky white appearance.

You can put off having surgical treatment for your cataracts if you wish and make use of such items as magnifying glasses and installing better lighting in your home, but unless you are happy to go blind, the only real option is to start seeking an expert in lens implants for your cataracts replacement.

Hernias within the abdominal or groin area

Hernias, in general, will not right themselves without surgery, it is possible to get by without opting for surgery if you so wish by using such items as corsets and girdles, which will keep gentle pressure on the area, but your hernia will never get better.

There are some very serious outcomes should you not get your hernia seen by a surgical team. The main one is that if your hernia becomes strangulated, it will cut off the blood supply to the bowel. This is when the condition can become serious and life-threatening.

It is a really good idea to get checked out by a medical practitioner straight away if you think you have a hernia. Hernias usually appear in the groin, navel, or abdominal area and are due to lifting heavy objects, difficulty going to the toilet (both constipation or a bout of diarrhea) or due to coughing or sneezing fits.