Did you know that over 6.2 million people live in the US state of Missouri? Did you also know Missouri is sometimes called the ‘show-me state’? 

The beautiful Show-me state is located in the central part of the USA. Iowa borders it to the north, Illinois to the east, and Kentucky and Tennessee to the south. Also, the mighty Mississippi River forms its western boundary.

As you can see, moving to Missouri would be moving to a new state and region. Let us tell you some of the best reasons to move to Missouri.

1. Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Moving to Missouri is a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty. From the Ozarks to Table Rock Lake to Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri truly has something for everyone who loves being outdoors. The Ozarks and Table Rock Lake are great for camping, fishing, and swimming, while Mark Twain National Forest is great for hiking and biking.

Missouri also offers a variety of parks, trails, and waterways. Whether you’re looking to take a relaxing dip in the Big River, explore the sights and sounds of Neosho National Fish Hatchery, or gaze at the stars in Alton, Missouri, ‘s natural beauty is abundant. Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, or simply soaking up the beauty of nature, you’ll find it in Missouri.

2. Reduced Cost of Living and Taxes

The cost of living and taxes are lower than in many other states in the US. The sales tax and state income tax are the fourth lowest in the nation. This makes an attractive option for those looking to save a little money.

The state also has a property tax credit that lowers homeowners’ real estate taxes; no inheritance or estate taxes exist. Missouri also has some of the lowest gasoline prices in the nation. With all these benefits combined, those looking to stretch their budget may find Missouri an attractive option.

3. Multi-Cultural Experiences

The opportunities for experiencing different cultures within the state are abundant. For instance, the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis offers various exhibits and displays that celebrate the history of many other peoples who have made their homes in the area. It has a fantastic mix of cultures, including Native American, African American, East Asian, Hispanic, and others.

Plus, Missouri is home to the Chinese Cultural Center, which features an interactive Chinese cultural experience complete with live music, art, and traditional Chinese dishes. Moreover, the city of Kansas City boasts vibrant Latinx and Asian communities.

From Latin festivals to Mexican street food, many activities keep visitors entertained. With its diverse population, Missouri is the perfect place to come and be a part of something bigger while learning about other cultures.

4. A Diversified Economy

The state is home to a thriving agricultural sector, making it an excellent condition for farmers and agribusinesses. There are also several leading companies in various industries, such as:

  • finance
  • healthcare
  • aerospace
  • manufacturing

Across all industry sectors, companies are offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and ample career growth opportunities. Missouri is also home to some of the United States’ most renowned innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-up ventures.

Missouri’s innovation-friendly resources provide an optimal climate for growth for those looking to explore a career in technology. Lastly, Missouri offers a reasonably priced cost of living and plenty of breathtaking outdoor attractions. This makes a living in Missouri a great place to settle down and start or raise a family.

5. Quality Education

The state offers an array of public and private schools that can provide an excellent education for your family. There are junior and senior high schools that offer an impressive variety of courses and opportunities for students to learn and grow. Missouri also has many specialized schools, technical colleges, and universities catering to various majors and interests.

The state also has several charter schools that provide an alternative education option focusing on specific subjects. Beyond academics, students benefit from the many extracurriculars, clubs, and clubs and activities available. The educational opportunities in Missouri are endless and will equip your kids with the skills necessary for their future.

6. Delicious Cuisine Options

From Kansas City-style BBQ to St. Louis-style pizza, one can find all kinds of comfort food delight. The state is known for its mouth-watering sandwiches, like gooey butter cake and toasted ravioli. Try classic dishes such as the Ooey Gooey butter cake, Forest Park cupcakes, or tenderloin chili to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Many delicious international options are made with locally sourced ingredients, like Indian samosas, Korean kimchi, and Puerto Rican mofongo. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Missouri’s got something to tantalize your taste buds.

7. Affordable Housing Options

The median home value in Missouri is well below the national average, making it an ideal state for those looking to purchase a modest-sized residence. From chic city apartments to suburban single-family homes, the state offers a wide variety of housing options at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, Missouri’s low cost of living and low taxes can help people make the most of their hard-earned money. Whether it’s buying a home, affording amenities, or paying for utilities and food, Missouri residents can take great comfort in knowing their financial commitment is comparatively light on their wallets.

With such great housing options and costs that are easy on the wallet, it’s no wonder why Missouri is a great place to move. When planning a move, you must find the best home or apartment to stay in, visit paddyoslofts.com.

8. Friendly and Thriving Communities

Missouri offers a variety of activities to engage in, from outdoor recreation to sports, culture, and events. From large cities like St. Louis to smaller towns like Jefferson City, friendly people and a sense of community are everywhere. With beautiful parks and outdoor trails, Missouri is an excellent place for families.

With a vibrant music, arts, and food scene, Missouri has something for everyone. Missouri is also a highly educated and innovative state, making it an attractive location for businesses. Missouri also has a low cost of living and real estate, making it a great place to buy a home and establish roots. 

Plan When Moving to Missouri

In conclusion, moving to Missouri can be an excellent opportunity for those looking for a change of pace. The rich history, bustling economy, and range of outdoor activities make it an attractive option for anyone. Residents can also take advantage of tax breaks and state pride. 

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