If you’re looking for a one-stop guide to all things Smoky Mountains, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best things to do in Tennessee, The Great Smoky Mountains, is one of the most visited and popular tourist spots in all of America. Its jaw-dropping scenic views, thrilling adventures, and luxury resorts are mainly what attract tourists from around the world. Since it’s such a popular spot, it can sometimes become too overwhelming to look for the perfect place to stay and enjoy it. Rental cabins in the Smoky Mountains are the ideal accommodation option to consider when traveling alone or with family. Here’s how you can decide which rentals are best for your vacation.

1. Pick your preferred location: 

The most important factor to consider while looking for cabins in the Smoky Mountains is location. What area would you prefer? Which area is better according to your budget? Is your preferred place safe or easily accessible? These are the questions you should look out for before booking rental cabins. You should also think about the experience you expect from your cabin vacation. Do you want to be somewhere remote or quiet? Or do you want to be in proximity of the attractions? There are a few standouts on the smoky mountain cabin rentals list, including Gatlinburg, Wears Valley, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, which are said to have the best cabin rentals in the area.

2. Think about the activities near the cabins: 

If you are on a big family vacation or reunion, you would probably be looking toward doing loads of activities together. This means that booking cabins in close proximity to famous attractions should be on the top of your list. Does your travel itinerary include activities like going to Wild Bear Falls Waterpark, a trip down to Ripley’s Gatlinburg Aquarium, or Gatlin’s Escape Games? Then your best bet is Gatlinburg rental cabins. Or if you wish to visit the famous Dollywood, you should definitely think about Pigeon Forge cabins. In any case, all of these locations offer premium lodgings with all amenities ensuring a relaxing and hassle-free vacation.

3. What amenities and services are available: 

You can’t expect a hotel or a resort to offer you services that aren’t mentioned in their brief. That’s why it is up to you to keep an eagle’s eye on the amenities you need versus the ones provided by your target rental cabins. And which brings us to our next question, what amenities do I need? For starters, the following is a list of amenities that you should look for:

– Private pool

– Hot tub

– Fireplace

– Pet-friendly

– Game room

– Internet access

– Washer and dryer

– Pool table

– Sauna

Some of these can be on your “must-have” list if you want to have a truly luxurious experience. You can also add amenities according to the number of people you wish to accommodate. Most tourists find cabins without fireplaces, kitchen necessities, and hot tubs unnegotiable, and that’s why you should set your expectations accordingly.

4. Decide which cabin you need to go for: 

The Smoky Mountains is an attractive option for both honeymooners and families. That’s why you should think about the cabin space you need before booking one. Whatever your reasons for traveling to this paradise, there should be enough space for everyone to suit their needs. So, look for a rental according to your group’s size and nature. Every family member except the parents or the occasional couple may need their own rooms so that you can go for anywhere between 4 to 8-bedroom cabins. You should also decide whether you need shared bedrooms or private and the number of bathrooms as well. You should also consider the sleeping space as cabins like these often come with bunk beds and sleeper sofas so that even lesser rooms can accommodate more people. A typical 3-bedroom rental cabin can offer sleeping space for up to 11 guests.

5. Consider your dates and prebooking options: 

Finding accommodation according to your desired amenities can be difficult if you show up without reservations. That’s why it is recommended that you decide your dates of travel before booking a hotel anywhere, particularly in a tourist spot as popular as the Smoky Mountains. It’s best that you look for cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains according to your arrival date so you can bag the cabins on your dream. People who are flexible with their traveling dates should consider visiting the Smoky Mountains in particular seasons to witness its changing beauty. It’s extremely easy to book yourself a rental cabin for vacations; all you need to do is to search for the cabin you want, choose the number of nights to stay, select your arrival date, and you are good to go!

6. Check the accessibility of the cabins to town:

Close proximity to towns may not be on the top of everyone’s list, but it is an essential factor. For instance, if you are going for a cabin in a secluded location, you should know how you can reach it. You should consider the accessibility of the route to your cabin and from your cabin to the nearest town. Sometimes the unpredictable weather can throw you off your schedule, or an emergency may occur, so it’s better to have some access to local stores and towns. It makes more sense to have easy access to main roads and a 4-wheel drive on standby wherever you decide to stay.

7. Don’t forget safety and privacy: 

Vacations are all about forgetting about every worry and just giving your all to have an unforgettable experience. Your accommodation is the first thing that should provide you with the comfort, safety, and privacy you need to have a better vacationing experience. Smoky Mountains is a place of great peace and privacy where you can choose to remain in your cabin for the entire time or go out and have adventures. When choosing a rental cabin in these areas, ensure you have enough privacy for yourself and your family by opting for a privacy fence on the deck and that your cabin is in a safe vicinity.


Rental cabins in heavens like the Smoky Mountains offer an exclusive experience like no other. However, accommodation plays a critical role in the success of your vacation. So, before you grab your bags and giddily head down to the Smoky Mountains, you should consider our guide to selecting the best cabin rentals. We’ve highlighted important factors which you should consider before putting down your card for payment. So, ensure you have everything you want in your desired cabin and have a blast!