Foot injuries suck; there is no way around it! A foot injury can bring your life to a standstill…literally! However, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. Depending upon the severity of your foot injury, a lot of precautionary measures and safety tips can be incorporated in your daily schedule to make sure that life goes by at its natural course while your body continues to recover. Here is a list of all the things you need to take care of during a foot injury to ensure you and everyone around has a smooth transition to the after-injury life:

1) Consult a doctor

We tend to ignore a random swollen lump or a cut. However, our feet are constantly exposed to more contamination than the rest of our bodies, plus they have the heavy mantle of carrying the whole body weight.

A little dirt in a small cut could become a severe infection too, but why risk the odds! Always consult a doctor in case of a foot injury. Regular checkups should be encouraged and the patient should immediately report to the doctor if the medicines aren’t working and the course of your injury seems to be getting worse.

2) Get the right help

While we take walking for granted, it is clear that it is one of the most important and crucial things we do. Thus, during a foot injury too, you may need accessories to help you move. Wheelchairs, canes, sticks etc can be used for the same. Depending upon the injury, your doctor would recommend different instruments, which can do you good. You could find all your needful equipment in one place, and to know more about such things, click here.

3) The magic of exercises

Your doctor would recommend a few exercises that could help relieve the pain without any usage of medicines. While at the beginning they may seem to cause more pain than relieve, it is important you carry on with them.

After all, our feet are in a habit of constant workout, and even minor exertions could help them regain their health and recover faster. Gentling massaging the hurt area, or contracting and relaxing the affected foot could be a start.

4) Proper rest

Not just exercising, you also need to rest your feet. Soaking them in hot water, or keeping a cushion below your knees could help improve the blood circulation in the hurt region. Moreover, you could worsen the wound and bleed it open if you put too much pressure on it while walking. Thus, in the beginning stages of a foot injury recovery, you would be required to practice rest, before the doctor feels you are okay to start with moderate exercises.

5) Surround yourself with protection

Slippery floors, sharp furniture, and long distances are all your foes after a foot injury. A little lack of grip and you could end up on the bed with a much more severe situation. Thus, it is best to restrict your walking spree while recovering till the time you are able to walk just fine.

It may get boring confining yourself to your bed the whole day, but any attempt at leg movements should be practised with caution. Even when the doctor recommends you to start walking, do it under someone’s presence and on a non-slippery vacant surface such as grass, concrete.

We hope this article helped you understand what can be done in the case of a leg injury, and we wish you a speedy recovery!