Are you looking for fun summer games for kids to play outside? It’s a great idea!

School is out, and the temperature is rising, which means it’s the perfect time to start hosting get-togethers with other families. There are tons of fun activities that your kids can do outside in the warm weather.

Check out this list of the top outdoor summer games for kids to play when it’s warm outside.

1. Pickleball For Outdoor Summer Games

In 2023, kids should definitely try out a pickleball paddle. Pickleball is a hybrid of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It’s an easy game to learn and can be played with two to four players.

It requires a court, net, paddles, and a whiffle-style ball. Not only is the game encourages teamwork and friendly competition, but kids will also be able to have a blast playing outdoors this summer as well as learn vital skills.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Kids can challenge themselves and their friends with a scavenger hunt group outdoor activities. Players can incorporate objects from nature and use pictures of items or objects. Games can be built upon teams that are gathering supplies for a winner-takes-all race.

The items can include rocks, feathers, flowers, leaves, insects, and twigs for small creatures. Games can then create a reward system for the first team to bring the collection back to the starting point. This can be a great way to bring family and friends together and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Soccer Ball Game

It is an easy game to play, with only two players needed. Each team of two players will receive a soccer ball and the goal is to pass the ball between teammates and score the goal. The game also requires skillful ball-handling techniques, communication, and teamwork!

The game will keep kids entertained and is a great way to keep them active. 

4. Catch With A Frisbee

Aspiring young athletes can build their coordination, agility, and reflexes by honing their Frisbee catching skills. To start, have kids stand 6 to 8 feet apart and toss a small Frisbee back and forth. For large groups, kids can play Frisbee tag, ‘ Around The World’, by throwing a Frisbee in various directions. An outdoor family vacation will be filled with lots of laughter and fun as kids learn and practice their Frisbee-catching abilities!

5. Pool Volleyball

An inflatable swimming pool volleyball can be set up in minutes and is perfect for family and friends to enjoy together. Players can choose between beach volleyball and pool volleyball or use the net to create sets of relays or other activities. With volleyball in the pool, kids can engage in safe and cool pool games. 

Swimming and pool volleyball is a great way for kids to stay cool and active outdoors.

6. Spoon Race

Spoon races can become a regular activity for kids, either competing against each other or working together as a team. Each competitor holds a spoon, usually between their teeth, and must use the spoon and their body to maneuver from the starting line to the finish point. To make this game even more exciting, participants can add an extra layer of competition by selecting a winning prize given to the first person who crosses the finish line!

Create And Engage Games For Kids In 2023

With these outdoor summer games, you and your family can enjoy connecting with nature and each other in creative, healthy, and safe ways. So find your favorite game and start playing, and remember to keep trying new games each summer!

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