Do you have a huge art collection that you just can’t display on walls and shelves? Do you have questions about displaying your beloved art pieces in style?

It’s normal to make some home art display mistakes when you’re starting with a collection. Luckily, you can use a little know-how to nicely display your collection in style.

Here are the common home art display errors you might make and how to avoid them.

1. Wrong Type of Wall Space

When displaying artwork in a home, a common mistake can be not assessing the type of wall space properly. Not considering the type of wall space available can lead to less than satisfactory results. To Avoid this, you should know that some walls are not made for traditional picture-hanging hardware, such as exposed brick and rock-faced walls.

Knowing the type of wall will save time and prevent any wall damage. 

2. Placing Art Too High

One common mistake is the wrong height for hanging art. This can create a sense of disconnect or imbalance in the room. The ideal art placement height will depend on the ceiling height and the item being displayed.

Most artwork should be placed 60 and 65 inches from the floor to ensure they are at the optimum viewing level. 

3. Not Considering Proximity to Other Objects

For example, paintings or canvases should be kept away from any radiators or heat sources, as these can potentially damage the work. Similarly, artwork should be hung in a place that is out of direct sunlight or sources of strong artificial light, as this may cause color shifts in the work over time.

Wall hangings should be kept away from furniture and ornaments to ensure that they are easy to view and appreciate. 

4. Neglecting the Need for Lighting

Without the right type of lighting, artwork may appear dull, flat, and lifeless. Without lighting, the artwork will not be seen in its true form. Even if the artwork is placed in the right spot, without proper lighting, the piece will be lost in the darkness and may even lead to fading or discoloration.

Investing in the right type of lights for home artwork decor will enhance and create an inviting and soulful space within the home.

5. Relying Solely on Nails and Staples

Nails and staples are often not strong enough to support the weight of the artwork and can cause damage to the wall. They also don’t provide any kind of shock absorption or protection from vibration, which can further damage the artwork.

Professionally installed hardware, such as gallery bars or picture frame wire, can provide more stability for heavier artwork. You may also find protection to your art with stable hanging inclusion. You can check more at

6. Overcrowded Art Galleries

One of the most common mistakes when displaying art at home is overcrowding. When choosing pieces, it’s important to consider what will fill each space with an appropriate scale and adequate breathing room. Size matters!

Select varieties with scale in mind – large prints for large walls and modest works for smaller spaces. 

Avoid These Home Art Display Errors for a Better House Interior

It is important to research and plan your display options carefully. Consider proportions, materials, and color when making selections, and take great care in the actual installation. If in doubt, a professional art installer is a worthwhile investment.

With just a bit of forethought, you can create beautiful home art displays that delight you for years to come!

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