As recently as 2020, the market size for handbags worldwide was USD 47.57 billion. Handbags are essential for keeping your valuables close to you as you move about your day. Equally important is the fashion statement they make.

Fashionable women will tell you how important it is to find the best designer handbag. Trimming it down to just one can be tough. Here is how to select your unicorn.   

1. Research Designer Brands

There are many to choose from. Céline, Chanel, Chloé, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, and YSL are popular designer brands, but which should you choose? You can select your brand by considering your fashion style and what you find aesthetically pleasing.

This will help you narrow down the list of designer brands matching your style. Then, consider their price points, which vary widely. Decide what you want to spend on and which designer brands will fit within your price point.

2. Research Types of Designer Bags

There is no right or wrong choice. Buying a handbag is just finding one that will suit you, including how you like to wear it. For instance, you may want to travel light on a casual day with jeans, so you are looking for a wallet style with a long chain you can wear across your body.

This leads to a second point about selecting the right kind. Do you want something small or big? How much do you need to carry in it?

If you need a bag with a lot of space, you will want to boost your budget to accommodate the right size.

3. Consider the Material

Women’s handbags come in a variety of types of leather. It could be grained calfskin, lambskin, etc. The most significant difference among leather materials is in how durable it is.

4. Don’t Concern Yourself Over Trends

It may be enticing to get the newest trend in designer handbags. However, trends don’t last long. You are likely paying a fair amount, so this is a tremendous investment.

Therefore, the best designer handbag is one that is classic. It will be something that you never grow tired of wearing. Also, classic designer handbags maintain a better resale value if you ever want to sell them.

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5. Choose the Right Color

Fashionable women pay attention to the latest trends in color. However, trendy colors go out of style too. Again, classics will stand the test of time.

You don’t want something that sits at home because you can’t match it to your clothes either. Stick with neutral tones to get the most out of your designer handbag. Specifically, search for designer handbags that are beige and black.

Discover the Best Designer Handbag

The world is full of designer handbags. Does that mean that the world is your oyster? If you cannot afford to buy every single one, then you will need to do a little process of elimination to find the best designer handbag to buy.

Choose one that fits your style, including the right color and size, and will stand the test of time.  

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